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AUMAKUA BJJ Promotion Guidelines

Kids and Teens 15 Years and under

White Belt

White Belt to Grey White Minimum time 4 Months and 32 Classes (* MIN means you are now just eligible not that you are supposed to be promoted. The average time for this promotion is 6 Months.)

Tie Belt- Any Version so long as belt remains parallel w/waist line

Animal Drills- (Shrimp, Scorpion, Frog, Seal, Kangaroo, Crab, Duck, Gorilla)

Break -Fall to Technical Stand UP

Position Recognition-(Guard, Half Guard, Mount, Back Take, Side Control)

Scissors Sweep- Regular

Breaking Grips

Forward roll

Open Close Guard to Side Control

Grey Belt Series

Grey White

Backward roll

Take down- Any One

Bump Sweep

Kimura (Closed Guard)

Mount Escape- Any Version

Cross Choke (Close Guard)

Arm Bar from Mount

Scissors Sweep (Knee Push)


Americana- (Side Control)

Kimura- (Side Control)

Replace Guard from side control

Side control to North South Transition

Rear Naked Choke

Technical Armbar

Back Escape- Any version

Take down-2

Grey Black

Gi Choke from Back- Basic

Pull and Jump Guard

Pendulum Sweep

Half Guard Sweep

Knee on Belly

Ezekiel Choke from Mount

Push Pull Triangle Choke

Rear Naked Choke Defense

Yellow Belt Series

Yellow White

Arm Bar Defense(on Back)

Butterfly Sweep- Basic

Side rolls

Bread/Paper Cutter (Side control)

Open guard- 2 Ways to side control

Triangle defense

Knee On belly to Arm Bar

Cross Choke from Mount

Yellow Belt

Bull fight Pass to side control

Double under Pass

Gi Choke from back – 2 Different finishes

Triangle from Spider guard

Scissors Sweep from Spider Guard

Take Down Defense (Sprawl)

Knee on Belly to Cross Side Arm Bar

Knee on Belly to inverted Arm Bar

Yellow Black

Half guard Pass-Knee cut

Half Guard Pass- Face feet knee push

De la Riva- Position

Take down reversal to Mount. (Single leg Flip)

Take down defense (Kimura)

Sit Through drill

Clock Choke (1)

Arm Bar Escape (Standing or Knees)

Orange Belt Series

Orange White

Knee Pillow from side

Over - Under Pass

Take down-3 Variations

Bull fight Pass

Uma -Plata Defense

Uma Plata from Spider Guard

Spider Guard Defense Hip Thrust Pass



Butter Fly guard Pass- Jump Over

Turtle Position reversal

Inverted Arm Bar from Guard

Arm Drag to Back Standing

Arm Drag from Sitting Guard

Collar Drag from sitting Guard

De La Riva – Escape Leg Kick

Arm Bar from Back Position

Orange Black

Arm Bar from Back position

Wrestling Switch

Leg Drag Pass

Arm Triangle (Mount)

Kimura defense (closed guard)

Arm Wrap- Choke

Arm Wrap- Uma Plata

Half Guard Pass- Mule Kick